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Rigler's  Sports Supply is your community sports supplier. We have an expansive selection of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and archery supplies, which has attracted customers from throughout  Northern Illinois.  Can't find what you're looking for in the store?  Not a problem, we're more than happy to order what you need.

For over 50 years Ken Rigler and our knowledgeable sales staff has helped hunters, archers, and sporting enthusiasts find the right tool for the job.  It's a proud tradition we invite you to participate in. Stop by today!


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  • Firearms - Handguns, rifles, and shotguns from dozens of manufacturers
  • Archery Supplies - Bows, arrows, and accessories. Bow and arrow repair.

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Springfield Armory Rebate from Feb 1 to August 31.......Stop in to see how you can get this AWESOME deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have lowered our Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm everyday price to $388.00!!!  WE WILL HAVE THE LOWERST PRICE OF ANY STORE, BIG OR SMALL IN NORTHERN ILLINOIS!!! From July 1 until September 30 Smith & Wesson will have a $75.00 rebate on the Shiled ... bottom line you can get a M&P Shield 9mm for $313 ...  Don't miss the opportunity to get the lowest price ever on a Smith & Wesson Shield!!!! Plus they have included any M&P model in the REBATE!!!! BEST PRICES, BEST SERVICE FOR OVER 50 YEARS..............................

Rigler's Shooting Sports Supply

1111 1st Avenue, Rock Falls, IL. 61071

(815) 625-3319

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